Events Happening on Campus

Events Happening on Campus

Academic programmes, research, and publications, Community Engagement, Training and consultancy services are at the heart of all activities happening on the campus.

On Friday, February 25, 2019, The Church Leaders Training Programme (CLTP) office had its meeting with Denominational women leaders for discussion and evaluation purposes. According to CLTP Officer, Fitsum Zelalem there were 5 agendas of their meeting.

  1. Overall reflection on the Channel of Hope for Gender (CoH) training methods and Approach
  2. A report on the action taken by the office after the training
  3. Future planning, preparation, and Expectations from EGST
  4. EGST office Preparation and Expectation for the next training packages and follow up mechanisms
  5. Future forward- an approach to facilitate a legal ground between denominations and EGST (e.g. Signing MOU)”


On the same day, SPSS and NVivo pieces of training were given for prospective graduates who are engaged in their research works. In the words of Ruth Mekuria, facilitator of the Development and Communication Department, “EGST gives free training every year for graduating students to help them with their research. This year, 2 interested faculty members, 5 students from MALM, and 14 students from MADevS are involved in the Statistical Package for Social Sciences and qualitative data analysis computer software package training.” The training is ongoing for 5 days.

Later in the day, an academic seminar titled, “The transforming power of Coaching for Christian leaders” by Rev. Dr. Rich Hansen was given at the campus, 4th floor (Liang Hall). Dr. Rich beautifully presented the importance of coaching in leadership and presented statistics on how training can transform individuals and organizations while combined with demonstration, practice, feedback and peer coaching. In the words of Dr. Rich, “A coach is someone who helps you get from where you are to where you want to go and the coach’s job is not to put a new gift into others but rather to support and enhance the already existing skills, resources, and creativity in others.” The seminar was attended by about 50-60 participants from current students, alumni, faculty and staff.

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