Partners Visit

Partners Visit

Helsingborg Parish Team from Sweden led by Mr. Tomas Andresson, Chief Finance Officer made a working visit to EGST on January 28, 2019. The team was welcomed and briefed by Rev.Dr Misgana Mathewos, Director of EGST and EGST Projects and Community Services staff.

Mr. Tomas and the team discussed partnership progress, met students and visited the Holeta Maternal and Newborn Child Health project.

The visit was part of an annual joint partnership progress review.

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  • Kent Kvist
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    Thanks for a very rewarding day.
    Thank you for your professional work on these important issues.
    Thank you for sharing experiences with your very dedicated staff.
    Thank you for meeting the students and experiencing their intrinsic power that you release and develop.
    And above all, thank you for creating opportunities for a better life for the vulnerable people you assist through the Holeta Maternal and Newborn Child Health project. To personally meet these women, who through you, have gained better self-confidence, strengthened delay opportunities and safer tools to give their families love, care and hope, makes us proud partners and ambassadors for EGST.

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