Blood Donation

Blood Donation

On March 16, 2023 EGST staff, students and friends donated blood for the Ethiopian Blood Bank. Eleven volunterily individuals donated the precious gift of blood for those who suffer most due to the conflict and people under medication who do not have blood for treatment.

EGST is planning to continue this good practice every 4 months and encourages its community to get involved in this service for saving lives through blood donations. On behalf of EGST Community Action Project (CAP), we would like to say thank those of you who have donated blood on March 16 and in the past and encourage all EGST’s community to join on the next blood donation event.

Ethiopia medical institutions are currently facing blood shortage according to the Blood Bank. As EGST community we believe that we can continue donating blood to save those who are dying by losing blood, especially mothers giving birth.

On November 28, 2022, 13 people donated blood from EGST community. Let us keep donating blood and save lives!

Core Values

We seek to subject our thoughts and actions to God’s Word and affirm the power of Scripture to effect change in individual lives, churches and society.

We come together as a community of learners not for our sake only but also for the sake of others. We seek to grow in our understanding of God and his ways, so that we may help others to acknowledge his governance over the world with its rich possibilities for both individual transformation and for social and cultural renewal.

We believe that theological education speaks to and out of its local context as a dynamic interaction between the local context, the global context and Scripture.

We strongly believe that unity among the churches of Ethiopia is important and can be fostered through cooperative, inter-denominational graduate-level theological education. We also seek to partner with individuals, institutions, churches and organizations within and outside Ethiopia.

We value learning alongside people from different traditions and churches. Exposure to varying traditions challenges thinking about God and the diversity of his work in the world. While EGST promotes unity, it also appreciates and respects diversity.

We value the importance of worshipping God with our minds and strive for excellence both in our rigorous study of Scripture and in our critical analysis of context.

We seek to be people who model Christ’s values such as love, humility, compassion, justice, integrity, self-control, and holiness.

We seek to promote ecumenical relationships among churches in Ethiopia in order to enhance mutual understanding.


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