Frumentius Lectures 2023

Frumentius Lectures 2023

The 2023 EGST Frumentius Lecture Series completed on March 31, 2023 at EGST Assembly Hall. On the overarching theme of ‘Transforming Power of Grace, ‘Prof. John G. Barcley has delivered four lectures focused on outlining grace in Christian history, its power in changing lives, what grace means for ethnicity and its role in remaking human society. Each lecture was followed by an interactive question and answer session and interactions.

On March 28, 2023 Prof. Teketel Yohannes, EGST Board Chairperson welcomed the speaker and opened the event in prayer. Rev. Dr Misgana Mathewos, EGST Director remarked that the theme of grace is quite contentious among scholars and called on the audience to make best use of the event and the speaker’s reputation and experience in the field. Reflecting back on the past lecture series and renowned speakers from Africa, America, Europe and other parts of the globe, he applauded the addition of this year’s speaker on the list of the giants and acknowledged Prof. John for accepting EGST invitation.

A large number of participants attended the event from different institutions in addition to EGST community. In a reception dinner on March 31, 2023, invited guests appreciated the extraordinary humbleness and practical presentation of the theme of grace for the current context in Ethiopia and elsewhere.

Prof. John expressed his gratitude for the hospitality EGST provided to him and has witnessed the reputation of EGST in academic, research and community engagement roles. He said that EGST is well positioned in Eastern
Africa to demonstrate quality theological education and research and contribute its share for Africa and elsewhere.

Core Values

We seek to subject our thoughts and actions to God’s Word and affirm the power of Scripture to effect change in individual lives, churches and society.

We come together as a community of learners not for our sake only but also for the sake of others. We seek to grow in our understanding of God and his ways, so that we may help others to acknowledge his governance over the world with its rich possibilities for both individual transformation and for social and cultural renewal.

We believe that theological education speaks to and out of its local context as a dynamic interaction between the local context, the global context and Scripture.

We strongly believe that unity among the churches of Ethiopia is important and can be fostered through cooperative, inter-denominational graduate-level theological education. We also seek to partner with individuals, institutions, churches and organizations within and outside Ethiopia.

We value learning alongside people from different traditions and churches. Exposure to varying traditions challenges thinking about God and the diversity of his work in the world. While EGST promotes unity, it also appreciates and respects diversity.

We value the importance of worshipping God with our minds and strive for excellence both in our rigorous study of Scripture and in our critical analysis of context.

We seek to be people who model Christ’s values such as love, humility, compassion, justice, integrity, self-control, and holiness.

We seek to promote ecumenical relationships among churches in Ethiopia in order to enhance mutual understanding.


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